All-in-one Cappuccino, Espresso and Coffee Makers

Needless to mention, coffee has become the essence of our existence. We cannot survive without coffee now and we need different kinds of coffee at different times. The problem that arises is that coffee takes in intricate work and different kinds of coffee require different brewing methods. Your love for coffee can even get you across a turbulent river but it is quite painful to buy different equipment for different methods of brewing. That is where technological advancements come into the rescue of humankind. These machines are literal gifts and can work like magic to give you stunning results. Let us discuss some machines that give you the best of this coffee world. 

Gourmia GCM5100 

This machine is heavenly. It makes your coffee in its tagline “one-touch”. The coffee maker is fully automated. It only requires you to input the size. Get a special cup of coffee in just the touch of a button. Furthermore, this coffee maker monitors the pressure automatically so that your espresso does not come out disappointing you.  An efficient cleaning system also rules out messes. 

Omi CM6816 

This coffee maker pulls off cappuccino and espresso for under 50 bucks. This machine fits in your budget and is also versatile at the same time. An occasional espresso would mesmerize you with an impeccable layer of crema. Also, the cleaning does not take in much time with an efficient drip tray system. Surprisingly, this machine contains measuring spoon, steel filter, metal funnel and carafe. 

Espressione 26161 

This is another very capable machine. In fact, it is capable enough to pull off a perfect espresso and about 10 regular coffee cups at the exact same time. This implies that you can easily create a combination of the two. If you fancy mocha, latte or cappuccino occasionally, this machine is for you. Furthermore, the coffee maker has an LED control system with elaborate functions. 


This coffee maker is considered to be quick with espresso. It is so quick that you can brew about 10 cups of coffee back to back. Also, this machine can be timed for 24 hours straight so that you enjoy a morning coffee without running late. 

DeLonghi  BC0330T 

This coffee machine is considered suitable for rookies. It is capable of producing cappuccinos and lattes rich in cream. You can even select the strength of your coffee with a special dial serving the purpose. This machine also provides filtration of chlorine for a hygienic sip. 

DeLonghi BC0264B 

This machine can be termed the best of the lot in discussion today. It pulls off espressos and other kinds of coffee quickly and easily. It also has a special dial for adjustment of the strength of your coffee. Other features include a timer for 24 hours. 

So, the mentioned are some of the great all-in-one best keurig coffee makers for your home. These machines make sure that you are not disappointed when it comes to coffee. We highly recommend that you grab one such machine. Happy brewing! 

How to clean a Coffee Brewer?

Coffee is pretty much our companion through life. Most of us happen to own a coffee brewer for the sheer pleasure of brewing at home and relishing a homemade coffee. The taste of our own hands is unparalleled. While we know what we are feeding on, it is also important to have the testimony of its hygiene. Recent studies have shown that most of the coffee brewers have mold and yeast growing in their reservoirs. This poses severe health perils. The only way to avoid this is to ensure proper cleanliness in your coffee brewer.

You may insist that your cleanliness methods are good enough but it is important to understand that health hazards are to be dealt with utmost care and proper methods of eradicating them. The molds and yeast that grow in the brewer have a lot to do with the idling of the machine. While you do not use the machine to brew coffee, germs develop and create some colonies invisible to the naked eye. 

Because maintaining health standards is a priority and remains essential to the existence of human beings, we bring to you a step by step guide to cleaning your Ninja coffee brewer and keeping diseases at bay. Let us go on to discuss the steps that you must follow. 

  • Mix equal parts of water and white vinegar. Pour this solution in the water chamber of your coffee brewer.  
  • Bring in a paper filter and brew the contents so as to bring down the contents to half the capacity of the chamber. 
  • Switch off the supply and allow your Coffee maker reviews: Ninja Coffee Bar Brewer System to stand for about 30 minutes before your complete the process of brewing. 
  • Get a fresh paper filter and brew some amount of water. 
  • Repeat the above step twice. 
  • Now fill out the carafe of your brewing machine with some warm water. Add some rice to it to rub the sides gently. 
  • Swirl and stir this mixture in the carafe. 
  • Consider bringing in a scrubber to manually get rid of any remaining gunk. 
  • Rinse the container properly and let it dry out over time before performing any other step. 
  • Use a damp cloth to clean the outside parts of the brewer. 
  • Please ensure that you take care of your coffee brewer daily in order to eliminate the health hazards associated with it. This could be done by repeating the above two steps every single day. 

Cleanliness is the key to healthy brewing. Keep your everyday coffee cup safe from all the hazards that seek to ruin the pleasure that it carries. And as a suggestion, we insist that you do not just rely on hot water for cleanliness, but carry out each and every step with utmost precision and care. With the above mentioned steps properly carried out, you would be a significantly lesser risk. 

Keep your brewing safe and sane and pleasurable and free from acute hazards. With this, we wish you luck. Happy brewing!  

Cuisinart Griddler Recipe – Smoked Chicken Cobb Salad

One may assert that chicken is way too common. Accepted. Yes, chicken is pretty common and is arguably the food most experimented with worldwide. In fact, its ubiquity is what makes its essence as it is loved by almost everyone. Talking about experiments, having grill and chicken together makes way for enough experiments to fulfill a foodie’s life. Moreover, we cannot really brush aside the nutrition-related with chicken, we can only enhance it, and here we are going to do just that. Furthermore, this salad is loaded with enough flavors to appeal to you. So, let us now go on to discuss the recipe. 

The required time and other little details: 

This recipe is healthy and fairly easy to make. The preparation in discussion here would serve about 4 people. It takes about 30 minutes to prepare Chicken Cobb Salad and a total time of about 48 minutes to come up with it on the platter. 

Some nutritional information: 

It is considered good to know what a particular food does to your body, hence this information. Your salad carries with it the following: 

  • About 4.5 grams of fiber 
  • 8.9 grams of carbohydrates 
  • A staggering 27.2 grams of protein 
  • Quite fatty at 21.7 grams 
  • A whopping 333 calories 

The nutritional information is quite a testimony to the health benefits attached to this recipe. 

The required ingredients: 

Cooking takes in some amount of raw material and this recipe, too, has a list of items to be kept ready. That list is as follows: 

  • About 1.5 ounces of crumbled blue cheese
  • The very best indoor grill
  • 2 large eggs, cooked hard, split into four pieces and chilled 
  • About ¼ inch thick slices of 2 tomatoes 
  • 1/3rd of a cup filled with avocado, diced and peeled 
  • Half a cup of basil leaves, fresh and chopped 
  • 4 cups full of baby spinach 
  • 1/3 cup of chicken stock, unsalted 
  • 2 boneless and skinless chicken breasts 
  • A teaspoon of canola oil 
  • 3 slices of bacon 
  • 3 tablespoons of water 
  • A minced clove of garlic 
  • ¼ teaspoon of black pepper, freshly ground 
  • ¼ teaspoon of kosher salt 
  • A tablespoon of lemon juice, fresh 
  • 2 tablespoons of olive oil, extra-virgin 
  • Half a cup of diced avocado, for dressing 

Once you have these items ready, you may proceed further with the cooking procedure. 

The procedure of cooking: 

As said earlier, this recipe is fairly easy. However, you must stick to the steps that follow in order to tend to perfection. 

  • Use your food processor to blend water, garlic clove, black pepper, kosher salt, lemon juice, olive oil and diced avocado together. 
  • Cook your bacon in a skillet while placed on a medium flame for some time.  
  • Take your bacon out of this pan and place chicken on it. Spend about 5-6 minutes sautéing the chicken and shred when done. 
  • Now prepare your griddle. Place stock and chicken and heat over medium-high flame. 
  • Allow smoke to be around the chicken for about 10 minutes. 
  • Grab a huge bowl and add to it basil, romaine, and spinach. Mix them well. 
  • Now distribute cheese, eggs, tomatoes, avocado, chicken, and bacon evenly in plates. 
  • Pour some drops of oil over the salad so obtained. 

That’s it, your recipe is ready. 

If you have access to a griddle and some chicken, do not wait for anything else, just cook! 

What makes an espresso an espresso?

It is not a revocable fact that coffee has been a vital part of your life. Coffee has reached such a height in its importance that it is now available in umpteen forms. One such kind is espresso. You may have noticed that regular coffee and espresso are two different items on any menu. While you may have come across many elucidations differentiating between regular coffee and espresso, there is a lot more to espresso than it meets the eye. We go about discussing such nuances of espresso in this write-up. From gathering beans to brewing coffee, espresso has a lot within it. Let us now go on and discuss what really makes an espresso an espresso. 

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What is espresso? 

There are specialty beans available on the market that have “espresso” marked on their packets. It must be understood that espresso is not essentially a separate coffee bean all together, but it revolves around a manner of coffee brewing. Espresso brewing involves highly pressurized hot water and far finer beans than regular coffee. This also implies that an entirely different machine is required. Furthermore, brewing espresso takes in a lesser amount of time than regular coffee. 

The crema layer 

Espresso is recognized by its layer of foam. In fact, this crema is much more than just an indication. Crema is the living testimony of the brewing method. It forms due to the highly pressurized hot water.  

Crema can also signify many other things. A freshly prepared coffee would have a thicker foam. Also, darker foam indicates a stronger coffee. 

A common question 

One pretty common question that arises in many minds is whether espresso has more amount of caffeine in it. The conception may be partly true because it really depends on the amount of take-in. Espresso, apparently, is dense on pr ounce concentration of caffeine. We generally take shots of caffeine while regular coffee is taken in larger cups. Drawing on that, your espresso shots would have a lesser amount of caffeine than a cup of regular coffee. 

So, that is pretty much all about espresso. You see, espresso has a story of its own. This story is told through the facets that are attached to it.  

There are several kinds of coffee available on this planet. You can create your own coffee time table that incorporates a balance between regular coffee and espresso. While a regular cup of coffee has a soothing experience, espresso has its own taste and flavour which no other kind can provide. We recommend that you go by personal preferences when it comes to coffee. Espresso requires its own kind of appreciation which comes when you take out time for it and take a shot when you really want to. So, do not drink it for the sake of drinking, rather drink it when you desire it or you might end up not being able to develop a taste for it.  

With this, we do insist that you appreciate espresso whenever you feel like taking a shot. Happy brewing! 

How to get charcoal taste with gas grill?

Grills have become ubiquitous in the food industry of today. This particular fact has led to innovation in grilling technology. Now you need not be running for wood chips for grilling your meat. Grills today are available with gas and even electricity. These technologies eliminate charcoal. While such advancements may be considered appropriate, it is essential to realize that the whole idea of barbecuing comes from charcoal. If you are familiar with the taste of charcoal grilled food, you would notice an essence in that food which is hard to locate anywhere else; that is to say, gas grills or electric grills are not capable of normally lending that essence to your food. That may sound like a bummer. However, if you are stuck with a gas grill, you can bring into practice certain methods that bring your grilled food closer to the essence of charcoal. Let us see what those methods are. 

Use the lid 

It is advised that you avoid covering your food on a charcoal grill as far as possible but here the recommendation is otherwise. When you grill your food, cover it with the lid and certain amount of heat would remain intact. This way, you are bound to get a stunning char of the same grade as that of a charcoal grill.  

Some work for heat 

You need a pretty good amount of heat to obtain a good char. For that, consider chucking aluminum foil or baking sheet on an idle grill and replace with your food immediately after enough heat develops. Be conscious of your movements and rest assured, you would not be disappointed. 

Or try smoker box 

This box basically contains wood chips. You can easily put it on your grill and place your food along with it. The end product of this method has a flavor close to charcoal. This would be magical. 

Use rubs and dressings meant for charcoal grill 

This is arguably the best way to get a charcoal-like taste on any grill. These rubs would lend the flavor of charcoal to your food without having to tweak the grill much. Again, the end product would be stunning. 

Try something different with your gas grill 

A charcoal grill is capable of providing different heat zones on a single grate. You can obtain something similar from your gas grill. You can easily turn a part of the grill to high flame and a part of a low flame or even turn it off. This would create heat zones similar to a charcoal grill and provide for more breakdown reactions of proteins and thus provide a better flavor. 

To sum it up, your gas grill is quite capable and can easily pass for a charcoal grill without much effort. The pleasure of charcoal grill can be relished at the comfort of your home where only a gas grill can work. Mind you, there is nothing better than this if you love food. So, start experimenting with your gas grill. All the best! 

How to clean your home with just a handheld vacuum cleaner?

How to clean your home with just a handheld vacuum cleaner? 

Introduction of handheld vacuum cleaners has marked a new era in the arena of hygiene. These devices can quite effortlessly make your household cleaning easy without much compromise on power and backup. To tell you the truth, many handheld vacuum cleaners are capable of putting their conventional forefathers to shame with eloquent performances. Here, in this write-up, we discuss how you could draw enough advantage from your handheld vacuum cleaner so as to clean your entire home. So, get the batteries fully charged and prepare for a journey through your home; on your way, deal with dust head on. Let us now take a look at how you can use a handheld vacuum cleaner to clean your home. Asking you to vacuum your floor with it would be such a cliché so let’s just cut it out. 

Lend some fragrance to your home: 

Moisten some cotton with your favourite perfume or any other sweet smelling liquid and place in the bag of your handheld vacuum cleaner. As you move around the house, you will leave behind a faint fragrance. 

Because allergies are a good riddance: 

Pollen and dust tend to stick to your window panes and windowsills. To get rid of this unwanted pollen, put on the brush tool of your handheld vacuum cleaner and carry it all the way to the window to suck up all the invisible particles. 

Even your laundries: 

Your laundries generate lint which gets stored in your washing machine. You can use your handheld vacuum cleaner to gently suck all the minute particles of lint. For this, use the crevice attachment. 

Club it with some baking soda: 

At times, some items pick up peculiar odors. And unfortunately enough, these items refuse to be washed along other clothes. In such a scenario, sprinkle some baking powder on the item and vacuum it with your handheld vacuum cleaner after about 30 minutes. Odor would be gone. 

Clean your carpet: 

It is a common observation that fleas accumulate on your carpets. Using your handheld vacuum cleaner to suck all the fleas up is one pretty effective way of ridding them. Some research has corroborated the fact. 

Okay, more carpet cleaning: 

Your carpets occasionally develop dents due to certain items placed on them. These dents are annoying. However, your vacuum cleaner comes in handy here. Place some ice on the dent and let it melt. Make sure you have a wet and dry handheld vacuum cleaner before continuing. Now vacuum over the wet region to get your carpet back in shape. In a way, you solved two purposes at the same time. 

Clean your appliances: 

You can use the convenience of your handheld vacuum cleaner to clean the hardware of your kitchen at home. For instance, you can get rid of dust accumulated around the condenser of your fridge. 

We hope the above-mentioned ways help you out while you go about cleaning your home with just a handheld vacuum cleaner. Happy vacuuming! 

How to clean rusty grill grates?

We love food. In fact, we buy grills for the love we have for food. But sometimes, just sometimes, this love makes us lazy. We tend to be lazy enough to hog on grilled meat and leave our grill outside, basking in direct sunlight. One may fail to notice but this has a terrible effect on the grill. And this effect renders your grill grates rusty and technically useless unless cleaned up properly. Rusty grates can also pose threats to hygiene. In order to keep the grill healthy and always ready to cook, one may need to assimilate the appropriate knowledge of cleaning a rusty grill. And that knowledge is the topic for discussion in this write-up. So, without wasting much time, let us look at how you can clean your rusty grills. 

Proper maintenance: 

As they say, prevention is better than cure. You must clean your grill after every use to avoid accumulation of rust. If, somehow, rust does get accumulated, we have ways to rectify the issue. 


This is the most vague way of cleaning your rusty grill. Firmly rub the sandpaper on the rust so as to remove it effectively. However, do bear in mind that sandpaper can scrape along the grate and thus damage it. 

Use a wire brush 

This method is pretty quick. Disembark your grate from your barbecue and chuck it on a hard surface. Now grab a wire brush and brush off the rust from the grate. Turn the grate over and perform a similar action on the other side as well. This should rid most of the rust accumulation. 

Use some baking soda 

If you are uncomfortable with hard brushes and stuff, you can try this softer way. Use a softer brush to rub off most of the rust. With your grate still on the barbecue, sprinkle some baking soda on it. Now fire up the grill and allow the sprinkled baking soda eat away at rust. 

Or buy something from the market 

There are specific rust removers available on the market. However, these may contain chemicals toxic to human consumption. You certainly do not want such things anywhere near your food. So, choose a rust remover wisely or simply rule out using one. 

Use some household stuff 

You may not be aware but salt and vinegar do wonders in this particular scenario. All you need is some bag to place the grate it with a 2:1 mixture of vinegar and salt. Let the grate soak overnight and watch the results on the next day. You would not be disappointed. 

More household stuff 

You may consider lubricating the grates of your grill (here) with some amount of vegetable oil after every use so as to keep rust away. 

There are, in fact, ways in which you can rid the accumulated rust on the grates of your grill. But do bear in mind that these cures do affect your grill. For the best functioning of your grill, you must avoid the accumulation of rust as far as possible. Happy barbecuing! 

8 Clever Ways to use Vacuum Cleaner

Every group has a clean freak of its own. Cleanliness is not just what is required, it is also something that smells of hygiene. There are some ruthless cleaning methods but your vacuum cleaner is not one. In fact, it minimizes your efforts in the realm of cleaning. The vacuum cleaner has made cleaning easy. If people had not been rendered lazy enough with the coming of vacuum cleaner, there evolved some clever ways of using vacuum cleaners to suit their laziness even more. However, these clever ways work wonders when it comes to getting rid of annoying stuff at home. These tricks cannot just clean things up, but also can retrieve the shapes of many items. So, without wasting much time, let us dive into the article to find out what those clever are that make life easier than it already is. 

Use old pantyhose 

This is a common trick and a very basic one. Use a rubber band to attach pantyhose to the nozzle of your vacuum cleaner. This creates a secure layer for items that come in the way of vacuuming. This trick can also help in retrieving a lost object from an unreachable place such as one under the couch. While you use this trick, do ensure that the item you are sucking does not get into the hose or the bag of your vacuum cleaner as that may cause damage. 

Use your brush attachment 

The brush attachment of your vacuum cleaner, somehow, finds the least amount of utility. However, this is a pretty useful tool. It can be easily used to clean mirror frames, pictures, books, lampshades and blinds of windows. In fact, you can suck up pollen from the windowsills easily and safeguard yourself against diseases. 

Fix carpet dents 

Heavy objects often leave behind a dent on your carpets when they are removed. These dents are annoying as anything but can be removed using a vacuum cleaner. Just place some ice cubes on the dent and let them melt. Then use a wet and dry vacuum cleaner to pull the fabric back in place. 

Complement your cleaning with baking soda 

Sprinkle some baking soda on a smelly item. Allow it to stand for about 30 minutes and then suck it up with your vacuum cleaner. The stench would be gone. 

Use a scented item in the bag 

You can consider dumping a dryer sheet into the bag and spray its scent everywhere you take your vacuum cleaner. 

Reach some places 

Your vacuum cleaner may come with a plethora of attachments but somehow all of them fail to reach some crazy corners. For such places, you can use a vacuum tube, bend it into the appropriate shape and then reach out for the place. 

Or try pouring some scented liquid 

You may also consider using your favorite scented liquid into the bag. This method is more effective than the dryer sheet method. 

Or try some cinnamon 

Sprinkle some cinnamon in your bag to rid your vacuum cleaner of any peculiar smell that it might have picked up while cleaning. 

That is how you can leverage your vacuum cleaner to obtain a cleaner home. So next time when you pick up your vacuum cleaner, do try these clever ways to obtain good results. Happy vacuuming!