About Us


Our roaster exceeds Fair Trade values. Josuma ensures farm workers are paid a fair wage and have access to good housing and medical care–guarantees not always secured by a Fair Trade label. Our beans are shade grew, bird-friendly, hand picked and sun dried. The Indian monsoon winds produce a low acid, smooth tasting coffee with top quality crema. There’s nothing like Josuma’s Malibar Gold espresso beans–come in and experience how coffee should taste!

Don’t forget the milk. Beans are sexy, but two-thirds of your latte or cappuccino is also farmed and crafted for quality taste. There’s only one milk label offered to us in Southeastern Utah that opposes large industrial agriculture (factory farms), supports the kind treatment of their animals (cows always on pasture), and hasn’t watered down their organic standards to meet the minimum federal guidelines–Organic Valley. Check out Organic Valley’s quality and standard ratings at www.cornucopia.org in the dairy scorecard report. You’ll notice the taste difference between factory farmed organic milk and dairy supplied by a consortium of small farmers who steward the land and care for their animals.

Support original southwestern art! Comb Ridge Coffee gives local artists a place to come together and celebrate unique work that can only be found on the fringe of the rural southwest.