Amanda Bouchard ( Dolls and Jewelry)

Bluff resident Amanda Bouchard started making dolls at age five. She has a master’s degree in education: Creativity and Learning, from Leslie College in Cambridge, Mass; she made dolls as part of her final Master’s project. After eight years teaching elementary through high-school grades, she is currently an adjunct faculty member at the College of Eastern Utah. She finds fresh inspiration in her three young children.

Anthony Lott (Painter)

Anthony Lott was born in Salt Lake City, Utah. On a science club field trip in high school, he sat in front of an Ancestral Puebloan granary and started a new trajectory in his life. While taking art classes at the University of Utah and later at the University of Montana, he spent his vacations backpacking through the Cedar Mesa drainages, taking back boxes of photographs, and using the images for painting landscapes at home. When a teaching position opened at the College of Eastern Utah in Blanding, he and his family moved to Bluff. Anthony teaches drawing, painting, ceramics, art appreciation, and media literacy at CEU. He likes to ride his bike. He has exhibited his work across the west and occasionally makes a new painting.


Lois Young

I am a resident of Bluff, via Seattle, Chicago and the Willamette Valley of Oregon. I’ve had a life-long passion for stones: the Earth beauty they reflect, and the power they possess. Before I came to live here, I made regular pilgrimages to this beautiful high desert for over 20 years until it drew me here completely; here where that incredible stone beauty and power lays naked everywhere, to drink in visually, to walk across or to be contained in it’s soaring walls.

I have a background in Fine Art / Master’s Degree from Art Institute of Chicago over the past 30 years, painting and sculpture have slowly given way to making body decorations both for their beauty and for what the properties of the stones bring to the wearer.

I am a long time practitioner of healing arts: RN, Reiki Master, and Craniosacral Therapist. The promotion of deep health, balance, and expansion of one’s life experience has long been my focus.

The making of beautiful and/or balancing / nourishing adornment is for me a delightful combination of:

1) play,

2) putting myself into a relationship with this Earth beauty in its myriad forms, and

3) offering objects of delight to bring their beauty and energy to the wearer.

Linda Moore(Ceramics)

Comb Ridge Coffee neighbor, Linda Moore uses her art to connect with the nature, history, and spirit of the Four Corners region.  Her hand-built creations reflect the symbolism of the ages and the playful energy of the earth. “These hands never know what the clay will reveal; it lives in a realm outside of the mind, in the place of the heart.”

Linda lives in Bluff with her husband and Mesa, their dog.