How to clean rusty grill grates?

We love food. In fact, we buy grills for the love we have for food. But sometimes, just sometimes, this love makes us lazy. We tend to be lazy enough to hog on grilled meat and leave our grill outside, basking in direct sunlight. One may fail to notice but this has a terrible effect on the grill. And this effect renders your grill grates rusty and technically useless unless cleaned up properly. Rusty grates can also pose threats to hygiene. In order to keep the grill healthy and always ready to cook, one may need to assimilate the appropriate knowledge of cleaning a rusty grill. And that knowledge is the topic for discussion in this write-up. So, without wasting much time, let us look at how you can clean your rusty grills. 

Proper maintenance: 

As they say, prevention is better than cure. You must clean your grill after every use to avoid accumulation of rust. If, somehow, rust does get accumulated, we have ways to rectify the issue. 


This is the most vague way of cleaning your rusty grill. Firmly rub the sandpaper on the rust so as to remove it effectively. However, do bear in mind that sandpaper can scrape along the grate and thus damage it. 

Use a wire brush 

This method is pretty quick. Disembark your grate from your barbecue and chuck it on a hard surface. Now grab a wire brush and brush off the rust from the grate. Turn the grate over and perform a similar action on the other side as well. This should rid most of the rust accumulation. 

Use some baking soda 

If you are uncomfortable with hard brushes and stuff, you can try this softer way. Use a softer brush to rub off most of the rust. With your grate still on the barbecue, sprinkle some baking soda on it. Now fire up the grill and allow the sprinkled baking soda eat away at rust. 

Or buy something from the market 

There are specific rust removers available on the market. However, these may contain chemicals toxic to human consumption. You certainly do not want such things anywhere near your food. So, choose a rust remover wisely or simply rule out using one. 

Use some household stuff 

You may not be aware but salt and vinegar do wonders in this particular scenario. All you need is some bag to place the grate it with a 2:1 mixture of vinegar and salt. Let the grate soak overnight and watch the results on the next day. You would not be disappointed. 

More household stuff 

You may consider lubricating the grates of your grill (here) with some amount of vegetable oil after every use so as to keep rust away. 

There are, in fact, ways in which you can rid the accumulated rust on the grates of your grill. But do bear in mind that these cures do affect your grill. For the best functioning of your grill, you must avoid the accumulation of rust as far as possible. Happy barbecuing! 

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