How to clean your home with just a handheld vacuum cleaner?


How to clean your home with just a handheld vacuum cleaner? 

Introduction of handheld vacuum cleaners has marked a new era in the arena of hygiene. These devices can quite effortlessly make your household cleaning easy without much compromise on power and backup. To tell you the truth, many handheld vacuum cleaners are capable of putting their conventional forefathers to shame with eloquent performances. Here, in this write-up, we discuss how you could draw enough advantage from your handheld vacuum cleaner so as to clean your entire home. So, get the batteries fully charged and prepare for a journey through your home; on your way, deal with dust head on. Let us now take a look at how you can use a handheld vacuum cleaner to clean your home. Asking you to vacuum your floor with it would be such a cliché so let’s just cut it out. 

Lend some fragrance to your home: 

Moisten some cotton with your favourite perfume or any other sweet smelling liquid and place in the bag of your handheld vacuum cleaner. As you move around the house, you will leave behind a faint fragrance. 

Because allergies are a good riddance: 

Pollen and dust tend to stick to your window panes and windowsills. To get rid of this unwanted pollen, put on the brush tool of your handheld vacuum cleaner and carry it all the way to the window to suck up all the invisible particles. 

Even your laundries: 

Your laundries generate lint which gets stored in your washing machine. You can use your handheld vacuum cleaner to gently suck all the minute particles of lint. For this, use the crevice attachment. 

Club it with some baking soda: 

At times, some items pick up peculiar odors. And unfortunately enough, these items refuse to be washed along other clothes. In such a scenario, sprinkle some baking powder on the item and vacuum it with your handheld vacuum cleaner after about 30 minutes. Odor would be gone. 

Clean your carpet: 

It is a common observation that fleas accumulate on your carpets. Using your handheld vacuum cleaner to suck all the fleas up is one pretty effective way of ridding them. Some research has corroborated the fact. 

Okay, more carpet cleaning: 

Your carpets occasionally develop dents due to certain items placed on them. These dents are annoying. However, your vacuum cleaner comes in handy here. Place some ice on the dent and let it melt. Make sure you have a wet and dry handheld vacuum cleaner before continuing. Now vacuum over the wet region to get your carpet back in shape. In a way, you solved two purposes at the same time. 

Clean your appliances: 

You can use the convenience of your handheld vacuum cleaner to clean the hardware of your kitchen at home. For instance, you can get rid of dust accumulated around the condenser of your fridge. 

We hope the above-mentioned ways help you out while you go about cleaning your home with just a handheld vacuum cleaner. Happy vacuuming! 

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